Hi I'm HippoChii!
A Passionate Content Creator, Wig Stylist, Cosplayer, Shape Shifter/ Transformative Make-up Artist, and Figure Ice Skater.



Accepting Cosplay + Non-Cosplay Brand Deals, Bookings For Parties And Event. Not Accepting Wig Styling Commisions As Of Now.

Portfolio/ Some Sample Works and Outputs


Gank x HippoChii x Moonstruck:
To Neverland (A story for charity)

All 3 characters/ cosplay shot in 1 day, built the costume and wigs in 2 weeks so as the mood board together with Gank Team

Gank Collab : True Damage Project (Qiyana)

A Dream Driven Cosplay Project
(Built the Wig for Yasuo and Qiyana)

Arcane ( Personal Project )

An Arcane Cosplay Group Tribute I built (not yet done). Built Zap Zap, Jinx Wig and Costume. Got Recognition from Arcane and Arcane Cast such as Ella Purnell, Reed Shannon, Mia Sinclair Jennesse and Jason Spisak

Evelynn Villain Concept Shoot (Personal Project)

A concept shoot that talks about Evelynn Lore and Villain Music Video Inspired Concept.

Nikke x HippoChii : Sin
(Official Cosplay)

Everything is Produced in a span of 10-14 days, Made the wig and Mask, Self shoot and some edits.

Nikke x HippoChii : Biscuit
(Official Cosplay)

Worked with 20 dogs, took me 1 day to build and style the wig.

Nikke & Chainsaw Man X HippoChii : Crow and Himeno (Official Cosplay)

Took in 1 day , Material sourced and Designed Crow's Tattoo + Costume, Made the wig for himeno and Crow

Encanto : Isabela Madrigal(Personal Project)

Build the wig from scratch, Fabric Dye, Material Designed as well as source, Made the shoes, Self Shoot the Door Poster and Edited All of the photo except the door pic. Also got a recognition from Adassa (Dolores' Voice Actor)

Tower Of Fantasy X HippoChii : Yu Lan
( Official Cosplay)

Built the Wig. Did the stunts and poses in real time while shooting specially the mid-air kick.


League Of Legends X Coca-Cola X HippoChii